Heating Load

The first module will show the integration of the GBIS tool into the AutoCAD MEP 2010 environment. The integrated toolbar will be explained and the first steps of the drawing preparation will be shown. In the second half of the video you will see how easy the transfer of the data from AutoCAD into the SOLAR-COMPUTER building service calculation software is done. A brief overview of the opportunities of the SOLAR-COMPUTER software follows before the results of the calculation will be exported back into AutoCAD MEP 2010. During the presentation we will also introduce to you the ‘tracking’ feature which facilitates the communication between the software packages - as whenever working on an element within the SOLAR-COMPUTER software it is automatically highlighted in the AutoCAD MEP 2010 software. Invaluable particular when working on two separate screens.

Radiator Design

The second module includes the design of the radiators which will be positioned automatically in the drawing based on the calculation results of the SOLAR-COMPUTER software. The radiators can be placed either automatically, based on the given rules by the designer (e.g. below the windows), or manually by specifying design parameters. If the designer has to place additional radiators to achieve the required heating load the software will automatically highlight these spaces and prompt to place these radiators manually.

Cooling load calculation

This module will show you how the geometrical data of the project can be either imported from the AutoCAD MEP 2010 or by using the unique modular structure of the SOLAR COMPUTER building service calculation software. It also demonstrates briefly the very user-friendly interface and the different input “areas” of the calculation software before exporting the results back into the AutoCAD MEP software where the results are shown integrated within the space-tags.

Piping network calculation

This module shows you how the geometry of the piping network layout of the drawing in AutoCAD MEP 2010 will be transferred into the SOLAR-COMPUTER software. The network will be calculated and exported back into AutoCAD MEP into the drawing. With the GBIS resizing functionality the pipes will be adjusted to the calculated values. Especially in the designing process of a complex piping network the ‘tracking’ functionality of the GBIS software helps to keep an overview of the various parts and elements of the project. The tool gives the user the opportunity to navigate easily between single radiators, valves or to the whole pipe strand he is currently calculating.

Analysing functionality via colour visualization

In the final module you will see the different opportunities that our visualization tool gives the designers throughout the various planning phases of a project. It is easily possible to show for example the critical paths of a piping network or the heating loads in the various spaces. This tool facilitates communication in between team members - in particular between technical and non-technical members of the project team.

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